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SG Shopping!

It's never enough.

SG Shopping
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All Members , Moderated
Online Shopping! (:

Welcome to SG Shopping!, a brand new community for you to buy, sell and trade!

The Ground Rules of SG Shopping

  1. Each account/shop can only post ONE entry to this community every 24 hours
  2. No HUGE and BLINKING fonts/marquees are allowed in any post.
  3. Each post should have only 3 pictures outside the LJ-Cut. And no more than 10 lines outside LJ-CUT!
  4. Pictures outside the LJ-CUT should not be bigger than 420px x 420px.
  5. Be nice to other community members! Do not be mean and rude! 
  6. Solve personal/internal disputes among the parties involved. Our moderators will not be involved.
  7. The moderators will try our best to approve postings as quick as we can! 
  8. DO NOT email/pester the moderators with questions like, 'Why is my post rejected?' or 'Why is the moderation taking so long?' If your post is rejected, do refer to the rules again! (: and with regards to the moderation duration, we have outside lives too! We will try our very best to make the process quick and efficient!
  9. No selling of contact lenses/pets/illegal items here. 
  10. If we find that your feedback is unsatisfactory, we reserve the right to reject your post. 
  11. Repeating offenders will be permanently banned from posting in this community. 
    3 times = 1 week ban
    6 times = 1 month ban
    more than 10 times = permanent ban
  12. It is recommended that you hold your sales directly in the SGSHOPPING thread, and this is optional. (:
  13. We welcome affiliates and advertising enquiries. (:
  14. Do not spam other members' and moderators' emails with unnecessary mails/spam. If you are caught, it will be a permanent ban.
  15. We are nice, and we don't bite! Do drop us a mail if you have any questions.

Do forward all questions, notices and queries to: sgshopping.lj@gmail.com

All posts will be moderated and the mods will try our best to approve them as quickly as we can! 

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